Who we are ?

Vrutti is a centre for sustainable livelihoods enhancing people’s well-being through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions. We work through an ecosystem approach integrating and delivering services that empower small producers and marginalized grow their way out of poverty and uncertainty and to be 3 times more profitable.


Building Wealth and Resilience of Small Producers and Vulnerable Communities through Transformative Livelihoods Solutions.

Our Core Impact Model



Making them successful entrepreneurs, and sustained job creators, having their income increased by three times.



Improving the capacities of communities by diversification of income sources, access to localised resources, adoption of resilient varieties, practices and technologies; financial inclusion and social protection services



Ensuring the smallholders are responsible in sustainable production system and being responsible members in their own producer institutions

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Our Areas of Work

Vrutti has focused on working with farming communities as agriculture is the primary source of livelihoods for over 50% of Indians, and over 70% of farmers are small holder producers. We are focused on building wealthy, resilient and responsible farmers by providing a bundle of services, acting like a system integrator augmented with technology . We are currently covering 32,500 farmers and have set our sights on reaching 500,000 farmers by 2026

We also work with artisanal marine fisherfolk in improving their livelihoods and lives while balancing the fisheries and coastal resources, covering about 40,000 fisherfolk. FishMARC, a division of Vrutti, has extensive connects with fishing community groups & organisations in the three project locations - Nagapattinam, Cuddalore & Kanyakumari. FishMARC also has relationships with other NGOs which work with the fishing community in these locations.

Vrutti works with communities in difficult circumstances, women in sex work, communities living with or vulnerable to HIV. These communities are disempowered and unable to take decisions on their lives and livelihoods. Vrutti steps in to provide support related to financial literacy, financial inclusion, livelihoods support, which provides them a sense of security and of pride, empowering them to take decisions for their and their family’s well-being.

Our People

Balakrishnan S


Johnson Thangaraj

Director MEAL

Shiv Kumar


Raghunathan Narayanan

Chief Mentor

Success Stories

Vrutti is doing good work for the small and marginal farmers. My cost of cultivation has come down and i have earned a higher value for my produce through profitable market linkage. I am happy to get high returns with lower investments. I am determined to continue Organic and IPM Methods


Location: Penumale village in Bagepalli cluster of Chikkaballapura, KN

Mr.Babu Reddy

Small Farmer, Karnataka

“Mere liye Murgi polan ka udhayam karna meri zindagi ka Sabse bada sakaratmak badlav hai.”


For me the poultry enterprise unit is the most positive change in my life.


Ms.Bhagwati Bai

Small Famer, Amdo village, Rehati cluster,MP

I am a shareholder of Ambuliaaru FPO and Vrutti provided trainings on inputs and vermicompost preparation. I started preparing panchagavya and herbal pest repellents and applied to my floriculture field. When I sold in the market, my flowers were bigger in size and good for premium price. I earn profitable income from input preparation and selling through FPO. I received the best farmer award and remain very successful because of Vrutti.


Small Farmer, Palathividuthi, TN

Vritti is not less than a god for poor farmers like me. Under the guidance of Vrutti I am involved in Vermicompost production, adopting SRI method and running a piggery unit . Yield has increased while cost of production has decreased . All these activities give me a better earning with good profits

Mr.Moti Ram Kange

Small Farmer, Aamajhola, Kanker