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Our Response Actions for Small & Marginal Farmers

Our Response Action

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For small and marginal farmers:

Cash for work for households who have lost their livelihoods completely- Rs. 200 per day per person. Promotion of Kitchen Garden to households affected by Covid-19 - Rs.500/-

  1. One Acre Kit for Production for vulnerable farmers - Rs.5000/Farmer
  2. Affordable credit services for input purchase through FPO - Rs.10,000/Farmer
  3. Compensation package for loss/damage to existing crops, especially perishable items - Rs.6000/Acre
  4. Support for promotion of enterprises-Milch Animal, Goat/Sheep, Poultry, non-farm activities, etc to households affected by Covid-19
    1. Milch Animal -Rs.30,000
    2. Goat/ Sheep (4+1) -Rs.20,000
    3. Poultry (20 nos) -Rs.10,000
    4. Non-Farm: Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000

For fisherfolk and women fish vendors

  1. Compensation package for women fish vendors who lost their livelihoods (fully or partially) due to Covid-19- ₹300 / day
  2. Working capital for resuming fishing operations after Covid-19 - ₹10,000/Fishermen