Stories from our field locations

Story 1: Mask Production

Vrutti takes great pride in sharing the story of its communities in Nandur, Sukrawadi, Kinnisultan, Mudhol and Yedalli locations in its Business Acceleration Unit in Kalburgi, Karnataka. Seen here are our collective force of about 42 men and women members, who have taken up the important responsibility of stitching masks and selling these to other members during the lockdown period. Working day and night, our team has managed to stitch about 10,000 #masks, of which, an impressive 6,000+ units were successfully sold through #FPOs. This stellar activity directly benefited many families, who are aware and taking every precaution necessary to ensure their overall health and safety.

Such a strong example of self-sufficiency, commitment, compassion, skill and intelligence, our community members are! Vrutti cheers their spirit and applauds their #enterprising nature!

Story 2: Farmer 2 Consumer.

Vrutti’s story today is of its members from the Business Acceleration Unit in the Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu. In our 3FPOs namely Ambuliyaru, Mukkanisolai and Karambakudi Pasumai Farmer Producer Organizations(FPOs), the shareholders were successful in the procurement and supply of vegetables to the consumers.

Vrutti proudly shares that this activity received immense support from the Local Administration (Town Panchayat) and the District Administration! Furthermore, our team also received the golden opportunity to attend the Buyer- Seller meet at the Dist. Collector’s office, who was really impressed with and appreciative of our members’ work!

This exercise has benefitted about 107 people in a day and continuing, and the sale of vegetables using a mobile van is actively continuing despite the lockdown.This initiative is helping both farmers in the village and the consumers in the town.

Amidst all of this, our members are taking utmost care of social distancing practices and maintaining overall hygiene. Vrutti cheers them and applauds their intelligence, team spirit and enterprising nature!

Story 3: Strong. Independent. Aware. Responsible.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it, tremendous uncertainty, hardships and limited access to important, daily resources required for survival. But our determined women members from Nallapareddypalli village, Bagepalli, Chikkabellapur District in Vrutti’s Bagepalli Business Acceleration Units are a very stellar example of fighting all odds while also being cognizant of important measures and precautions that have to be taken care of in this current situation. Like many other women across the world, they too have the important responsibility of keeping the household running in the wake of a crisis, ensure that no family member of theirs goes hungry, and also take care of the overall health and hygiene in their homes.

Properly equipped with her mask and gloves, we see Srilakshmi, one of our Business Correspondents Agent, providing financial services in the form of cash exchange to the other members from the community. Duty being done with utmost Responsibility is exactly what she is exemplifying here. It is not just her, but even the other aware and accountable members of the community, who have also ensured that all steps and protocols around social distancing are being strictly followed. It is with immense pride that we are writing to share that Srilakshmi is diligently serving around 12 to 15 members on a daily basis, which in turn has benefitted over 100 family members spread across 10+ villages, who approach her for withdrawals during this lockdown period.

The 21 day lockdown declared by the GoI has restricted easy access to resources required to meet daily needs; liquid cash has also become tough to acquire. Amidst such hardships and restrictions on large group gatherings, all our women members here are setting a very strong example of stepping out in a very small group, taking the necessary precautions, and also being able to withdraw money to be able to spend for their daily needs.

We believe that we have a lot to learn from these inspirational women! Vrutti salutes each and every one of them for being able to show us how awareness, intelligence and determination can work wonders in the wake of such a serious crisis!